P.O.P (Protecting Our People)

P.O.P. (Protecting Our People) – (4hrs) $199 NOTE: THE POP CLASS IS A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL PHASE ONE ABLE SHEPHERD CLASSES AND BEYOND Course Description: This course is specifically designed for Men and Women with a desire to better protect themselves and those in their care. Whether at home, work, or on the street, those who make the honorable choice to protect others deserve the tools to be successful. This course is an introduction to the same training principles that have been validated and utilized by the US Navy SEAL Teams, Elite Federal Tactical Teams and Law Enforcement organizations across the nation. The foundation developed in this course will be the foundation on which future training may be built (unarmed, knife, pistol, rifle). In this course we provide everything! Attire: Good shoes or boots you are able to move freely in. Good belt which will hold a holster. Clothing you can move freely in. Objective 1: Student will demonstrate an appropriate posture for an offensive or defensive encounter. Objective 2: Student will demonstrate the ability to defend their upper body vitals. Objective 3: Student will demonstrate the ability to handle a pistol safely. Objective 4: Student will demonstrate the ability to Load, Unload, Reload a pistol. Objective 5: Student will demonstrate the ability to appropriately and effectively engage an adversary with a pistol.
Date Saturday April 25, 2020
Time 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location Main Location
Staff Skip Miller
6 Spaces Remaining

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